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NPMHU and USPS Sign MOU Expanding Annual Leave Benefits For 2021 Leave Year

September 3, 2020 - The first MOU allows for additional Annual Leave Carryover for the 2021 Leave Year. In the 2019 National Agreement, the MOU on Annual Leave Carryover allows regular work force employees to carryover 440 hours of accumulated annual leave. The new MOU on Annual Leave Carryover for Leave Year 2021 expands that limit and allows regular work force employees to carryover 520 hours of accumulated leave from leave year 2020 to leave year 2021.

The second MOU deals with the Annual Leave Exchange Option for the 2021 Leave Year. The Annual Leave Exchange Option MOU for Leave Year 2021 will allow career employees to sell back a maximum of 80 hours of annual leave prior to the beginning of the leave year provided the following criteria is met: 1) The employee must be at the maximum leave carryover ceiling (440 hours) at the start of the leave year and 2) the employee must have used fewer than 75 sick leave hours (excluding emergency sick leave taken under the Family First Coronavirus Response Act) in the 2020 leave year. Normally the maximum amount of hours that may be sold back under the 2019 National Agreement MOU on Annual Leave Exchange Option is limited to 40 hours.

If you have any questions, please contact the National Contract Administrative Department.

Two New Memoranda of Understanding expands annual leave benefits for the 2021 leave year (pdf)

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