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20th Anniversary of the September 11 Attacks

Today our nation looks back two decades to September 11, 2001 when cowardly terrorists launched a barbaric attack on the Pentagon and World Trade Center. We pause to commemorate and reflect on the nearly 3,000 men, women and children who were killed and to remember and honor all the heroes, many of them LIUNA members, who risked their own safety to save lives and to help our country recover and rebuild. While much was lost, we can also gather strength from the unity and courage America demonstrated to the world.

As our world continues to change, we will face new challenges and threats to our freedoms. While 9/11 memorials fittingly soar to the sky, let us remember that the most profound salute to those who were lost and to future generations will always be the living tribute of one united and indivisible American nation.

On behalf of myself, General Secretary-Treasurer Armand E. Sabitoni, and the entire LIUNA General Executive Board, we remember those lost on September 11 and share our sincere gratitude with those who responded with such courage and strength to the terrible attacks.

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