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COVID Command Center Termination Clarification/Modification

The USPS has decided to cease operations of its COVID Command center effective May 9, 2022. The Postal Service initially notified the NPMHU it would stop the recording and reporting of COVID-19 cases. The NPMHU and other postal unions believed that this decision was premature in that COVID-19 numbers and hospitalizations are slowly rising as of early May 2022, and there are many medical experts predicting a summer surge of COVID infections. The Postal Service has now issued a clarification/modification of its prior announcement: “Although the COVID Command Team is being disbanded, as issues arise the appropriate stakeholder leadership will be engaged. The Return to Work Protocols and our Close Contact Tracing activities will continue for as long as necessary.

All new cases of COVID 19 and Close Contact Quarantine will continue to be monitored and tracked in our HERO COVID 19 Tracker.

We can produce the report on a weekly basis.”

The NPMHU will continue to monitor the situation and take any action that may be necessary.

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