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Update on PostalEASE

Dear Sisters and Brothers:

The Postal Service has provided us notification that effective today, they are re-activating the ability to make allotment and net-to-bank changes in PostalEase via Liteblue.

The following actions have also been taken to safeguard employee information.

- Established MFA for all Lite Blue applications including the Self-Service Profile

- Continued monitoring and reporting of fake liteblue websites

- Automatic password reset for anyone observed interacting with a known fake site

- Strict configurations and controls on the MFA application

  • New device/new location blocks login

  • Impossible travel, example login from CA and another from FL within an impossible travel timeframe

  • Known blocks for international IP address attempts

- Developed algorithms to determine patterns of fraud and prevent automated bot attacks

- Delivered Stand Up Talk with best practices for interacting with websites on the internet

An educational video will be available for all employees on the Cybersecurity website in the coming week.

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