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3-13 Human Trafficking. 3-14 Crime Scene Investigation 3-15 Embezzlement. 3-16 Abuse of Public Trust. 3-17 Corruption.. Jul 15, 2021 fury full movie hd 1080p free download kodiQ: WITH TIES Mysql I have the following query: SELECT c.id_commande, c.id_client, c.commande_number, c.date_envoi, c.id_forme_commande, c.contenu, c.destinataire, c.principal_dst, c.id_fk_type, c.id_fk_fibre, c.id_fk_circuit, c.id_fk_opel, c.id_fk_mod, c.fk_etud, c.fk_etude_commande, c.fk_etud_id_examen, c.date_creation, c.copie_xml, c.num_comp, c.id_copie, c.copie_etud, c.id_fk_copie, c.updated_at FROM client c INNER JOIN commande c ON c.id_client=c.id_client INNER JOIN forme_commande c ON c.id_commande=c.id_commande INNER JOIN examination e ON c.id_fk_examen=e.id_examen INNER JOIN copie c ON c.id_fk_copie=c.id_copie WHERE c.id_client=1 ORDER BY c.date_creation DESC; Which is giving me the following result: As you can see i get a couple of result sets. My question is how can i remove the record


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