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Branch President Madison P&DC

My path to the United States Postal Service was not as expeditious as most other craft employees. I
graduated from Sun Prairie High School in 1985 and immediately enlisted in the United States Marine
Corps. From 1986 to 1992 I was a power plants mechanic on the RF-4B phantom aircraft stationed out of El Toro, Ca. After my enlistment came up in 1992, I remained in California for another 4 years performing various jobs while attending Fullerton College. In 1996, I decided to return to my home state of Wisconsin and finish my education. I enrolled at Madison Area Technical College and completed my Associate of Science Degree. I transferred to the University of Wisconsin’s Madison Campus to continue my studies until I completely exhausted my G.I. Bill. Needing work, I stumbled onto the United States Postal Service in 2001 and applied as a MailHandler Casual. After one year I was hired as a career employee in 2002.

In 2010, I ran for Branch President of the National Postal MailHandlers Union Madison Branch and won my first election. I have served the MailHandler craft as Branch President in my first term from 2011-2013. I ran again for a second and a third term unopposed and I am continuing to serve Madison MailHandlers. I have gone through several training seminars provided by Local 306 and continue to learn and hone my skills. I enjoy representing the craft and serving within Local 306 and furthering the cause of our Union.

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