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I began my Postal career in 1994 as a Mailhandler. From day one I was a union member knowing the importance of having a union. I became a Shop Steward in 2005 because I wanted to become more active with the union and learn more about our benefits and rights. Once I saw
how much work and sacrifice went into getting all of the benefits we enjoy, and sometimes take for granted, I was blown away. I wanted to do whatever I could to help. I started as a Shop Steward, then became Chief Shop Steward at the Chicago Metro L&DC (Busse) facility. In 2008 I served as Branch President for Busse and then again in 2017. In between that time, I became an Arbitration Advocate helping the Local defend our members. I have served as a delegate at the National Convention three times. I have also served as Local 306 Judge of Elections and Chairperson for the Judges of Elections several times. I currently serve as an MHBP representative, Chief Shop Steward at the Busse facility,
Arbitration Advocate and currently on the Executive Board as the Illinois State Board Representative for Local 306.

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