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Fox Valley P&DC

I started my United States Postal Service career as a Part-Time Flexible MailHandler in September of 1986. I became a Full-Time MailHandler about 2 years after I started. I worked at South Suburban P&DC for numerous years until I went to Fox Valley P&DC in 1992. I was appointed as Administrative Vice President in 1993 and with the new language from the Union Constitution, I am the Branch President now for Fox Valley P&DC. I have multiple years of experience for being an advocate, such as doing Arbitrations, EEO’s, and helping Veterans fighting for their Veteran Rights.

I take it personally upon myself to see that the Post Office is staying within the safety regulation of OSHA. Remember that the postal motto is Safety First. So, l try to keep it that way. I have attended numerous conventions and numerous Union training classes to keep me on top of all the contract information and issues that come about every day. Most of all am proud to be a MailHandler and a Union Member since I started working for the Post Office.

I am even more proud to be an officer of this Great Union and will continue to fight for all Fox Valleys MailHandlers no matter the situation may be. I enjoy doing what I do know it’s something for the members of this great Union, I thank all the Fox Valley Members for allowing me to continue to be their Branch President -- Be Safe, Stay Safe my Brothers and Sisters of the National Postal Mail Handlers Union.

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