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Cardiss Collins P&DC


The predecessor to Cardiss Collins P&DC was the Old Chicago Main Post Office located at 433 W. Van Buren Street. It was the o­nly post office in the world with an expressway passing through it. It was the home-away- from-home for many Chicago Postal workers and Chicago's mail hub for nearly 65 years. Chicago's Main Post Office was completed in 1932 by the Post Office Department, it served well - through wars, huge mail volume growth and technological advances.

However, the technology necessary to process today's mail requires a new operating enviroment, which means, the closing of o­ne chapter in Chicago's Postal history and the beginning of a new o­ne at Cardiss Collins P&DC, located at 433 West Harrison street.

Construction of Cardiss Collins P&DC began in March, 1992 and was completed in April, 1996. Fixed mechanization installation began in December, 1994 and was completed in February, 1996.

Cardiss Collins P&DC is smaller and more efficient than the Main Post Office. A comparison of the two facilities follows.

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