Conditions For Mailing From JT Weeker Facility

293.2 Qualifying Mail and Minimum Quantity Requirements

Letter-post mail as defined in 241 that meets all applicable mailing standards may be sent in this service. There is a minimum volume requirement of 50 pounds per mailing except for the Direct Shipment option, which requires a minimum 750 pounds to a single country destination. Mail is prepared as (1) direct country sacks when there are 11 pounds or more to a single country or required country separation; (2) mixed country package sacks when there are 10 or more pieces or at least 1 pound of mail to a single country, but less than 11 pounds; and (3) residual mail when there are fewer than 10 pieces or less than 1 pound of mail to a single country. Residual mail may not exceed 10 percent, by weight, of the mail presented in direct country sacks, M-bags, and mixed country package sacks. Qualifying residual mail is subject to the appropriate ISAL rate (Full Service, Direct Shipment, M-Bag, or Dropship ISC).

Note: A package is defined as 10 or more pieces of mail to the same country separation or 1 pound or more regardless of the number of pieces. Packages of letter-size pieces of mail should be no thicker than approximately a handful of mail (4 to 6 inches). Packages of flat-size mail may be thicker than 6 inches but must not weigh more than 11 pounds.

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