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Wow. We are off and running. The NPMHU Women’s Committee had its first official meeting on the last day of the SAMLU Meeting held in Las Vegas, NV on April 11, 2018. It was a time of energy, intense discussion, and fierce passion from our members, all aimed at fulfilling our mission. It is important that we continually state that our goal is not to be a “man hater club,” but to pursue equality and respect for all members of our great union.

The level of support that was expressed by our brothers and sisters was a positive catalyst in our forward momentum. It has allowed us to openly discuss the misconceptions that some of our brothers have regarding the committee’s formation. It is important to reiterate that we are not a “man hating club.” Our goal is to be an integral component in creating a safe and respectful workplace of equality. We need all of our co-workers, craft and management, to understand the hostile work environment that discrimination, bullying, intimidation (verbal/physical) creates. Safety in the workplace must include the work environment in a facility and not just traumatic and industrial injuries.

We can no longer close our eyes to the sexual harassment and intimidation that women suffer in the Postal Service on a daily basis. Per our National Agreement, we are guaranteed a non-hostile work environment. We have a right to report any and all violations of this contractual right, without the threat of reprisal or removal. No more playing ostrich. Let’s take our heads out of the sand and deal with the violators, whether they are management or craft. This will not be an easy task, but with the commitment of all our postal and union families, we can change the “see no evil’, “hear no evil” climate.

With the support of our National President Paul Hogrogian and the entire National Executive Board, we have decided to tackle this task head on. The NPMHU Women’s Committee is in the process of authoring a Memorandum of Understanding that addresses sexual harassment in the workplace. We are working diligently and thoughtfully in the wording and development of such. We want the compassion and urgency that we have to be reflected in this very important MOU. We want women of all races and nationalities to recognize their inclusion and importance in the implementation of the finalized product. We want to create truthful dialogue with our peers and USPS management that will honestly recognize that this is a real problem that has to be addressed and eliminated.

The Women’s Committee members represent all regions of our union. We believe that this will allow greater access and input regarding issues. By contacting the member in your region, you will have direct involvement in reporting problems or getting direction for potential or current violations. We need the participation and input of all of our Brothers and Sisters to make a difference. In solidarity, we will persist and prevail!!!

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