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South Suburban P&DC, QWL Orientation

QUALITY OF WORK LIFE,Striving for three voices, Customer, Craft & Management at SOUTH SUBURBAN PD&C.

South Suburban PD&C in Bedford Park, Il. Is Striving for 3 voices? The Customer, Craft and Management? That is why this past Wed. and Thur. we rolled out Quality of Work Life to Mail Handlers Craft and Management. The Orientation was a success. Plant Manager Robert Hart, and Sr. MDO Michael Lee gave energetic speeches. Followed by the Central Ill. Dist Manager John Wawrzyniec, who welcomed both Management and Mail Handler Craft Members into the Quality of Work Life Process.

Quality of Work Life or QWL is a joint effort between Management and the Mail Handlers Union. The process is a structured involvement in problem solving and decision making. This participative organizational culture is based on Trust, Communication, and Mutual Respect Through; Shared values, Shared goals and a Desire for Excellence. Both Management and Mail Handlers Craft are eager to improve operating results by increased unit efficiency, as well as developing employee? awareness of customer requirements for improved quality service while building an attitude of problem solving and problem prevention.

Welcome South Suburban Processing and Distribution Center to the Quality of Work Life Process. We are looking forward to developing job satisfaction and pride through Quality of Work Life???

South Suburban is Good as the Best, Yet better than the rest??

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