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Chicago Network Distribution Center


The Chicago Network Distribution Center (NDC) is o­ne of twenty-one highly mechanized, major facilities for the handling of Standard Mail and Package Services. It is the link between Southern Wisconsin, Northern Indiana, for all forms of Standard, Package Services and Periocial mail with the rest of the postal world.

Construction began in July, 1971 and the Chicago Network Distribution Center was completed in April, 1975 at a cost of 92 million dollars. Operations began o­n April 7, 1975. A major addition to the CNDC was completed in January, 1992. The Chicago Network Distribution Center occupies 53 acres with a processing plant and administattion area of 699,740 square feet.

The facility itself is 1,277.5 feet long by 518.5 feet wide . The ground floor of the building is 656,352 square feet . The total floor area including the office area and elevated work area is 712,336 square feet. The Motor Vehicle Service (MVS) Office is located west of the main Building in the parking lot area and has an area of 2,346 square feet.

There are 560 parking spaces avaible for employees and vistors, plus approximately 600 trailer spaces.

Additionally, a new Cross-dock Facility was completed o­n the site, this facility will be used for the cross-docking of direct pallet mail. It encompasses approximately 90,000 square feet and includes 43 dock doors for Inbound and Outbound operartions.

Within the CNDC, there are eight (8) carousel type sorters, two (2) primary parcel sorters, two(2) secondary parcel sorters and four (4) sack sorters. O­n aversge, the CNDC will process 395,125 first handled pieces daily. These pieces are sorted to1,015 five-digit zip-codes and 21 three-digit zip-codes in ten (10) Processing and Distribution Centers (P&DCs), as well as to the twenty 20 other Network Distribution Centers (NDCs) and eight (8) Auxiliary Service Facilities (ASFs).

The Bulk Mail Entry Unit (BMEU) is 1,296 square feet and includes two (2) platform scales and two (2) roadway scales for verification of weight of mail.

Motor Vechile Services has twenty-four (24) Spotter Tractors, controls an average of 800 inbound and 450 outbound trips per day, with appriximately 50 rail vans inbound daily. O­n an average day, approximatley 100 inbound vans are received directly from private mailers.

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