Establishing Our Collective Strength Mail Handlers employed by the USPS are covered by a National Agreement, which is our collective bargaining agreement covering a wide array of issues relating to wages, hours, benefits and working conditions. The NPMHU has a National Negotiating Team that meets with the Postal Service management several months before the contact expires. Based o­n suggestions submitted by rank-and-file Union members, the team proposes contract language to which the Postal Service responds, and through a concentrated series of discussions, and with the give and take of negotiation, they attempt to reach an agreement that works for everyone. If a tentative agreement is reached, each and every Mail Handler who is a member of the Union is sent a package containing the details of the tentative agreement, along with a ratification ballot affording the membership the opportunity to either accept or reject the terms of the proposed agreement. Although the NPMHU believes that the right to strike is an inalienable right of all American workers, federal law prohibits strikes by the postal employees and requires that contract negotiations not resulting in an agreement be submitted to an impartial third party for binding arbitration. If this occurs, all of the Union's resources are used to obtain the best possible contract for all Mail Handlers.