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NPMHU, APWU and USPS Come Together for Historic National RI-399 Training

November 8-9, 2018 – Over 150 mail handlers who serve on their respective Local Dispute Resolution Committees (LDRC) gathered in Las Vegas, NV with an equal number of their USPS and APWU counterparts for the first gathering of two joint training sessions conducted by the members of the National Dispute Resolution Committee (NDRC) on the newly signed Updated MOU on RI-399 Dispute Resolution Procedures. The MOU was issued in June 2018.

This historic MOU comes 26 years after the original Dispute Resolution Procedures (DRP) were issued in 1992 and marks an important milestone in the history of RI-399 and the process for addressing jurisdictional disputes between the NPMHU-represented mail handlers and APWU-represented clerks.

Members of the NDRC plan to conduct five joint sessions in total, training over 1,500 LDRC members across the country. The parties are optimistic that the training will help ensure proper implementation of the Updated RI399 procedures.

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