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April 28, 2021- Remembering their sacrifices on Workers Memorial Day

Brothers and Sisters,

As we mark Workers Memorial Day in the U.S. and the National Day of Mourning in Canada, we will remember those who have been killed, injured or sickened at work. On May Day, we will reflect on those who gave their lives 135 years ago to win the eight-hour workday.

In a time when more than a half-million have lost their lives to the COVID-19 pandemic and other workplace injuries and deaths are on the rise, these events could not be more significant. All too often working men and women have been exposed to unnecessary hazards and told that is the price of their job. All too often, working men and women have been stripped of their right and freedom to join together for better lives.

The pandemic has shined a bright light on inequality and on how too many working people are treated as disposable. Our union cards are our strongest weapon against both.

We must use our union power fight for stronger health and safety regulations to protect workers. We must use our power to build nations that value every worker as a brother or sister.

On this Workers Memorial Day and on May Day, let us rise up and rededicate ourselves anew to the struggle for safer jobs, for workers’ rights, for civil rights and for human rights so that the value of every worker is honored and respected. May you always Feel the power, be the power and use the power!

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