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Implementation Dates for the 2022 National Agreement

Dear Sisters and Brothers:

The following are the implementation dates for various sections of the 2022 National Agreement.

Non-Economic Issues/Work Rules - April 8, 2023

One Time Conversions for MHAs in 200 work year offices with a relative standing date prior to 2.5 years from the ratification date (March 13, 2023) of the 2022 National Agreement – May 6, 2023

New wage rate which will reflect the November 2022 general wage increase and the March 2023 COLA – PP09-2023 (04/08/2023).

Date of new Step B for MHAs – PP14-2023 (06/17/2023)

Date of Elimination of Step BB – PP14-2023 (06/17/2023).

Date that step waiting period will be changed to 48 weeks – PP14-2023 (06/17/2023).

MHA Automatic Conversions/Step Changes/Employee Classification of MHAs in 200 work year offices who have reached 24 months of relative standing – PP14-2023 (06/17/2023).

Date of Advanced Annual leave for eligible MHAs and PTFs – PP 14- 2023 (06/17/2023)

Retro Pay – Pay Period 19, check dated 9/15/2023

Clothing Allotment Carryover – Is still to be determined

Should you have any questions contact the Contract Administration Department.

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