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Labor Day is Our Day

Labor Day is Our Day

As we mark this year's Labor Day, let us reflect on the sacrifice, struggle, and sweat of the working men and women who built our nations. It is workers and their unions who are on the frontlines, carrying us through economic ups and downs, through wars and pandemics, and none have done so, so willingly as the strong, proud, and united members of LIUNA across the United States and Canada.

In the U.S. and in Canada this Labor Day, we are seeing the fruit of our advocacy and political strength as transformational infrastructure investment is resulting in the creation of tens of thousands of good, family-supporting LIUNA jobs. In both our countries, we are working to lay the foundation for a stronger middle-class, robust union rights, and lasting prosperity for every union family.

Despite the many strides forward for working men and women, too often our efforts to advance union rights and inequality are challenged by the greed of unscrupulous and callous union-busters. As LIUNA members, we stand ready to fight, and we know that for all of the challenges we face, there is no more certain cure than a union card.

On this holiday, let us re-dedicate ourselves to the cause of labor rights, human rights, and social and economic justice and through our strength and resolve, we will lift up the working-class in both of our great nations. May every LIUNA member feel the power, be the power and use the power! On behalf of myself, General Secretary-Treasurer Armand E. Sabitoni and the entire LIUNA General Executive Board, I wish you and your family a safe, meaningful and well-deserved Labor Day.

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