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NPMHU and USPS Reach Agreement on Pilot Program to Return THS Work to the Mail Handler Craft

The 2019 National Agreement includes a MOU on subcontracting, part of which states the following: “Under the 2019 National Agreement, the parties commit to re-establishing their Subcontracting Committee and continuing their discussions about the possibility of returning mail handler work from the Surface Transportation Centers (STC), Mail Transport Equipment Service Centers (MTESC) and the bedloading project. The Committee will consider all relevant factors when discussing the issue outlined above, to include cost, operational efficiency, availability of equipment, and qualification of employees. In addition, any MHA employees utilized as referenced in paragraph 1 will not count against existing non-career caps.”

Based on this MOU, the parties at the National level have been engaged in ongoing discussions about these subjects as well as other subcontracted work. Most recently, discussions have been focused on the Terminal Handling Services which has been subcontracted in most locations since 2001.

We are pleased to announce that the National parties have reached their first agreement on insourcing or returning some of the terminal handling service work to the mail handler craft starting with a one-year pilot program in certain postal facilities. The first installation where the THS work will be returned to postal operations at the West Valley P&DC in Phoenix, AZ. The details of this pilot program is outlined on the attached Memorandum of Understanding.

Although much of the information obtained and being discussed by the NPMHU is subject to nondisclosure and confidentiality agreements, should you have any questions on these matters, please do not hesitate to contact the National CAD.

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