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NPMHU Appeals USPS Craft Determination of Small Delivery Unit Sorter (SDUS) and Single Induction Pa

As set forth in its November 14, 2022 letter, the Postal Service determined that jurisdictional assignments on the SDUS working at the machine, including singulating/separating and facing/feeding packages and sweeping the mail should be given to the Clerk Craft. In that same letter, the Postal Service claims that the SDUS will only be used in Function 4 operations. The NPMHU is disputing this determination, and also questioning the lack of assignment in Function 1 operations.

In that same letter of November 14, 2022, the Postal Service also determined that jurisdictional assignments on the SIPS should be divided somewhat differently between the Mail Handler Craft and the Clerk Craft. The Postal Service has stated that the SIPS will only be used in Function 1 operations. Mail Handlers have been assigned in Function 1 operations to the retrieval and staging of packages and equipment, and to the sweeping of packages (removal of full containers and replacement with empty containers), including “sort plan switch out,” and to the transportation of full containers to dispatch.

These jurisdictional determinations present several questions and concerns for which the NPMHU seeks clarification, and discussions will be continuing for at least 60 days before the National Dispute Resolution Committee and, if necessary, in National arbitration. Should you have any questions about these appeals or implementation of the SDUS and SIPS in any particular facility, please contact the National CAD.

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