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NPMHU Convention Day 2: Labor Cooperation, Presidential Oration, and Constitutional Reformation

On August 9, 2022, delegates reconvened in the Hyatt Regency’s Centennial Ballroom for the second day of business at the NPMHU 2020 National Convention in Denver, Colorado. Delegates returned to the Convention floor fully prepared to hear speakers and debate the issues.

The day’s proceedings were opened by Delegate Rick King of Local 318, who delivered a moving invocation and set the tone for the day. Although the two-year delay and the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in many changes to the authorized delegates to the Convention, the Credentials Committee was pleased to report that there were no further changes to the delegates for the second day of Convention business.

In a show of labor solidarity, NPMHU delegates had the honor of listening to Dewey Jackson, who currently serves as the President of the AFL-CIO Denver Area Labor Federation (DALF). As a former Mail Handler and member of NPMHU Local 321, the words of Brother Jackson resonated with his Mail Handler brothers and sisters. He stressed that the Mail Handlers Union has a strong place in the labor movement, and that their brothers and sisters in the AFL-CIO stand ready to provide support. As a prominent labor leader in the Denver area, Brother Dewey works tirelessly for the benefit of Colorado Mail Handlers, other USPS employees, and all working people. The NPMHU is proud to call him a brother and a fervent ally in the labor movement.

Following the words of Brother Jackson, National President Paul Hogrogian took the stage to present his official report. In his remarks, President Hogrogian highlighted many of the achievements of the NPMHU since its last Convention in 2016. Hogrogian underscored the three rounds of collective bargaining since 2016, numerous settlements and arbitration awards that have improved the working conditions of Mail Handlers, and several other highlights of the past six years, such as the conversion of almost 35,000 MHAs to full-time career status. His uplifting comments and strategic call to action reminded the delegates why they are proud to call themselves Mail Handlers.

After President Hogrogian’ s “State of the Union,” National Secretary-Treasurer Mike Hora presented a report on the National Union’s finances. Although the Union has taken many measures to reduce its overall costs, the Union has experienced a declining fund balance that requires immediate attention. The revenue of the National Office is critical in running the Union and ensuring that the National Union has all the requisite resources to bargain with and arbitrate against the USPS.

On the Convention floor, delegates were finally able to debate proposed changes to the National Constitution recommended by the Constitution Committee. By the end of the day and after spirited debate, delegates had considered and approved all of the proposed changes to the National Constitution. This included a 50/50 split between the National and Locals on all future dues increases and a special, one-time dues increase of $1 separate from the yearly increase.

The day ended on a joyful note with a raffle drawing conducted by the Political Action Committee operated by the NPMHU. The big winner was the PAC and its financial support of legislative and political activity that is so critical to the current and future benefits of all Mail Handlers.

After formal business wrapped for the day, delegates and guests prepared to depart for Mile High Station/Iron Works, an event space in downtown Denver allowing the delegates to celebrate their achievements over the first two days of the 2020 Convention. Day three will continue the consideration of constitutional amendments involving the NPMHU’s Uniform Local Union Constitution.


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