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NPMHU Convention Day 4: Final Thoughts and A Joyous Farewell

On August 11, 2022, NPMHU delegates gathered for one last time in the Centennial Ballroom of the Hyatt Regency in Denver, Colorado. For their last day of convention business, the delegates returned to the floor for a final session of debate and camaraderie. After a brief opening which included an invocation and a few remarks by National Secretary-Treasurer Mike Hora, the Convention went right into its last day of substantial business.

To begin their day, Delegates had the opportunity to hear from June Harris, Local 306 President and Central Region Vice President. Though Sister Harris wears many hats in her service to the NPMHU, she addressed the delegates in her capacity as Chairwoman of the NPMHU Women’s Committee.

Created in 2017 by President Hogrogian, the NPMHU Women’s Committee serves an important purpose within the NPMHU. Throughout the Convention, the Women’s Committee has been tabling in the ballroom foyer, offering valuable information on healthcare and guidelines on how to detect and deter sexual harassment.

Sister Mail Handlers find themselves facing unique challenges within the Postal Service and the NPMHU. The goal of the Women’s Committee is to bring attention to these issues and to serve as the vanguard in the fight for gender equity in the Mail Handler Craft and the Postal Service. Alongside providing the requisite material on such critical issues, the Women’s Committee was also responsible a raffle of NPMHU swag that was made possible due to the generosity of its members and many NPMHU Local Unions. For more information on the Women’s Committee and its mission, members are encouraged to visit

It proved to be a busy day for Central Region Vice President Harris, as she returned to the rostrum in her capacity as Chairwoman of the Legislative and Political Committee. Like the Resolutions Committee, this group considered resolutions duly submitted to the National Office. However, the resolutions of the Legislative Committee were all political in nature, usually calling for the passage of certain legislation or political action.

In total, the Legislative Committee recommended 6 resolutions to the delegates, all of which were adopted. By enacting these political resolutions, delegates gave rousing support to the passage of the Protect the Right to Organize (PRO) Act, the Freedom to Vote John Lewis Act, and a raise in the minimum wage. Support of this legislation by the NPMHU is an essential step in creating a freer and more equitable country. Delegates should be proud of their unanimous support of these important pieces of legislation.

As the day wound down, President Hogrogian returned to the microphone one more time as Chairman of the Convention. In his closing remarks, he reminded all the delegates that the NPMHU is strong and will continue to fight for its members. He reiterated that “the NPMHU is a family, and we aren’t going to let anyone [mess] with our family.” While President Hogrogian’s words may have been more colorful in real life, the message stands in both forms. The NPMHU is strong because it stands together and it stands tall. In Denver, Colorado, the NPMHU stood a Mile-High!

Delegates, distinguished guests, and NPMHU staff, spent the rest of their final evening in Denver dancing the night away at the Convention Gala. It was a night of drinks, dancing, and fellowship. The NPMHU can’t wait to see its delegates in Las Vegas in 2024.

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