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Retroactive Salary Adjustments Delayed

We were just notified that there will be a delay with retroactive salary adjustments in connection with the implementation of the 2022 National Agreement.

As a result of the ratification of the 2022 National Agreement, there was a 1.3% GWI effective November 19, 2022. That wage rate was implemented at the start of PP09-23 (April 8, 2023). Accordingly, the retroactive payment is due for the time period from 11/19/22 to 4/7/23. There is also a retroactive payment due for the March COLA for the time period from March 11, 2023 (when the COLA was effective) until April 7, 2023. Like the November 19, 2022 GWI, the March COLA was implemented at the start of PP09-23 (April 8, 2023).

These retroactive payments were to be included in PP19-23 paychecks. The Postal Service has now stated that they will be delayed. The USPS claims the reason for this delay is due to EAGAN programing issues. They hope to resolve these issues soon. As soon as we receive an update from EAGAN, we will let you know.

For information purposes only, the amount of the retroactive pay for a top step Mail Handler who worked full time (without consideration of any changes to pay, e.g., leave without pay or overtime) is estimated as follows:

- Level 4: $364.08

- Level 5: $369.85

The $978 COLA scheduled for PP19-23 will continue to be implemented in PP19-23.

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