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Uniform and Work Clothes Annual Allowance Carry Over

Effective March 13, 2024 the following provision of Article 26, Section 26.3 of the 2022 National Agreement will be implemented:

Unused portions of an eligible employee’s annual allowance for uniform and work clothing will be carried over and available for use beginning twelve (12) months after the end of each anniversary year. An eligible employee’s uniform and work clothing allowance balance may not exceed the sum of two (2) years of the employee’s annual allowance entitlement. This uniform and work clothing program adjustment will be implemented no later than twelve (12) months from the ratification date of the 2022 Agreement. 

Any unused portion of an eligible employee’s annual allowance starting 3/13/2024 will be accumulated and will be reflected in the employee’s uniform allowance accounts starting 03/13/2025 at the end of each of their anniversary year. 

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