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Unusual PostalEase Activity Triggers Precautionary Measures

The United States Postal Service’s (Postal Service) Corporate Information Security Office (CISO) has detected unusual log-in activity in the Postal Service’s PostalEase system for some employees, and some of that activity may be related to one's PostalEase account. PostalEase is a self-service web application that serves as your gateway to many postal financial-related services.

The NPMHU was advised that CISO and Postal Service management investigated and took precautionary measures to prevent further activity as soon as it became aware of the unusual log-in issue. CISO monitors daily for suspicious activity to protect employee accounts and information.

The USPS will contact affected employees directly. Impacted employees will receive the following message from the USPS: Your PostalEase account has been placed in a hold status, pending a password reset. To initiate a password reset, you will need contact 1-877-477-3273, Option 5. Please remember, your new password will be used to access all your LiteBlue self-service applications, including PostalEase.

Postal Service information security policy prohibits any use of your account, log-on ID, password, personal information number (PIN), and tokens by a third party, regardless of whether it was authorized by the account holder. Never share your log-in credentials or other information with anyone. All mail handlers are encouraged to periodically change your PostalEase password.

The NPMHU will continue to monitor the situation and provide updates as appropriate.

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