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USPS Issues Employee Communications Update Regarding PostalEASE Website Fraud

Please see the latest information that we just received regarding the PostalEase website fraud.

FRAUD ALERT ** Postal Service Releases Mandatory Stand-Up Talk Regarding Fake LiteBlue Websites (pdf)

  1. Securing Your Personal Data Employee Mailer (pdf) - Letter to be sent to all postal employees making them aware of the potential risk.

  2. Keeping Your Private Information Secure Employee Handout (pdf) - Handout to be included in letter to all employees to provide examples of fake sites and steps on how to update personal contact information.

  3. PostalEASE Website Fraud: Impacted Employee Notification (pdf)- Letter to be sent to only impacted employees notifying them of their situation and share information and next steps.

Please note, Headquarters is also preparing a Stand-Up Talk to support these communications. Additonal information will be shared when made avaialble to the NPMHU.

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