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USPS OIG Is Asking: How Effectively Does the USPS Respond to Sexual Harassment Complaints?

The U.S. Postal Service must maintain a work environment free of sexual harassment for its employees. Sexual harassment includes unwelcome sexual advances, requests for sexual favors, and other verbal or physical harassment of a sexual nature. Sexual harassment can also include sexual assault or rape. The objective of the audit is to evaluate the U.S. Postal Service’s response to sexual harassment complaints involving Postal Service employees, including how complaints are reported, investigated, and resolved.

Please note that Audit Asks are intended to collect ongoing feedback for audit projects. You may also choose to anonymize your comment by not including your contact information. If you add contact information for the OIG audit team when submitting your comment, it will not be posted on the website.

  1. Are you aware of the processes for reporting complaints of sexual harassment in the USPS workplace? Please describe your understanding of how USPS employees can submit a sexual harassment complaint.

  2. If you have reported sexual harassment at the USPS, please describe your experience with the complaint reporting process. What actions did the Postal Service take to respond to your complaint?

  3. If you have experienced sexual harassment at the USPS but did not report it, please tell us why you decided not to file a complaint.

  4. What comments or concerns, if any, do you have about how the Postal Service responds to sexual harassment complaints?

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