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USPS reissues Essential Service Provider Letter to all employees and contractors

Essential Service Provider Letter Law Enforcement Official: The bearer of this letter with an accompanying U.S. Postal Service identification badge provides essential services of the federal government. The Postal Service is continuing to fulfill its critical public service mission by accepting and delivering mail and packages in accordance with federal law. The Postal Service’s provision of mail and package delivery services is not affected by State and local government actions that are restricting commercial and personal activities through curfews and other measures in response to the COVID-19 pandemic and the civil unrest in a number of communities throughout the country, including the recent order or directive issued for the geographic areas under your jurisdiction.

This exemption includes the employees’ and contractors’ time traveling to and from their workplaces. We are working closely with federal, state, and local health authorities to ensure that our continued operations during these times of national and local emergencies are conducted in a manner that protects the safety of our employees and the public. Confirmation of this individual’s status as a Postal Service employee or contractor may be received by contacting the employee’s supervisor at [number].

Please disseminate this information, as you deem appropriate and should you have any questions, or comments and/or suggestions regarding the above, please contact this office or forward your responses to the Contract Administration Department.

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