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My name is Tanisha L. Ruth; I started my postal career in 1989. I have been a Full-time Mailhandler and Local 306 union member since 1994. I also have been a Union Shop Steward for 11 years and I currently am serving as Chief Shop Steward for the NPMHU at South Suburban P&DC, a post I have had the honor of serving in since 2013. I have won numerous grievances for contract violations and I am a staunch protector of all Mailhandlers collectively bargained rights, I perform my duties with passion and I’m committed to my Union. I trained Mailhandler Assistants via Mailhandler Academy classes at South Suburban P&DC and I am also certified in train the trainer.

I was given the honor of serving as a delegate for the 2016 NPMHU convention held in my hometown of Chicago IL. I have served on The Local joint Steering committee (QWL) at South Suburban for three years and prior to that appointment, I served on the QWL circle Quality Minds from 2008 to 2010. Furthermore, I have served my craft in other areas as well, serving as
a member of the Local Safety & Health committee as a representative for the NPMHU at South Suburban and I served on the ERGO team as well. I have given my heart to my union and will continue to put the membership 1 st as I have always done.

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